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When school is out, kids can still have fun focusing on self-defense and fitness. Learn the fundamentals of self-defense and martial arts near Crofton MD in our exclusive summer camp sessions.

Martial arts is one of the best ways to keep your kids off of their electronics and get them involved in something fun with other kids.

Summer is the perfect time to take control of your fitness, no matter what age range.

Martial Arts classes are available for any age group, and summer camp is a great way for kids to keep learning outside of school.


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Virtual Learning Camp

Take control of your fitness today and focus on self-defense training that makes you stronger mentally and physically. We now offer self-defense training virtually for those who can’t make it to our in-person training. You can still focus on fitness and safe self-defense from your living room.

See how we’re keeping Vuong’s clean!

Staying in good health is also an important part of a healthy fitness routine. At Vuong’s, we’re taking extra measures to make sure our fitness classes are a safe space. The health and the safety of our students are our number one priority. To ensure everyone stays healthy during our self-defense classes, our location now has an Air Scrubber installed.

We now have an Air Scrubber! Check out the video to learn more. 

You can also read more about this Certified Space Technology by clicking here or here.

Vuongs helps accelerate your child’s mindset and fitness habits —
from as young as age 4 all the way through high school. You’re never too young to focus on fitness.

AGES 4-6

AGES 7-12



Better focus and performance in school

Many children who have difficulties concentrating in their classes at school could benefit from martial arts lessons. This sport isn’t just for fitness, but it helps them achieve better mental strength as well. Many Crofton students have noticed that self-defense class has helped them feel more confident about their studies in school as well.

Many students in Crofton MD 21114 benefit from self-defense and martial arts classes because they also help them cope with stress better. They feel less anxious when they have a big test or assignment coming up. A great self-defense class can also help with their performance in school.


Improved behavior at home

Martial arts are known for helping kids take better control of their behavior and aggression. Parents have noticed that their children have better control over their impulsive behavior and they are less aggressive after martial arts and self-defense lessons.

Martial arts classes teach a student self-control. This is mainly because there are strict codes of conduct for morals in martial arts that put a high focus on courtesy and respect. Many parents couldn’t believe the positive change in attitude their children had after self-defense fitness classes in Crofton MD 21114.


Greater self confidence

A lot of students enjoy taking a self-defense lesson at Vuongs Martial Arts fitness center. They have fun and also get to improve on their fitness. Many parents are concerned about the amount of time their kids spend sitting down in front of a screen.



Kids are never too young to start focusing on fitness. Martial arts and self-defense training is an excellent way to start the journey. Many kids enjoy getting to know more about the sport, and the mindset improvement that comes along with martial arts and self-defense is an additional benefit.



Self-defense and martial arts training can make a huge improvement on their fitness and mental health. Students in Crofton MD 21114 can enroll today! It’s time to take control of your fitness.