Black Belt Club

National Black Belt Club – Your Pathway to Excellence

1) Good student in school
2) Has to be a Green Belt
3) Recommended by senior Black Belts: We choose people for the National Black Belt Club program who demonstrate a Black Belt Attitude. This is the “I will not quit” attitude of someone destined for success in our program. It is our experience that attitude, above all other things, separates those who do from those who do not. The three primary traits of the Black Belt Attitude are enthusiasm, commitment, and a burning desire to improve.

Our Program Also Expects of Its Members

Regular and Consistent Attendance
Progress comes one step at a time. Through the black belt training process, a student makes an amazing physical, mental and emotional transformation.

We ask the same of our National Black Belt Club members as we do from our instructors: give 100 percent and settle for nothing but your very best.

Family Support
A supportive spouse or family are an important part of the process. The student has to be willing to work hard and stay focused on the goal of becoming a Black Belt.

The Benefits of Membership

1) Leadership team training
2) Extra 2 hour Saturday class
3) A 10% discount on pro shop items and school events
4) The opportunity to compete in local and national tournaments
5) NBBC special events
6) NBBC patch