29th Annual Summer Camp

Our camp is a great way to improve your martial arts skills or to introduce you to martial arts for the first time.

Vuong’s Martial Arts provides your child with the chance to develop character, learn valuable life skills, make new friends, and discover their inner strength.

Your child will participate in a martial arts class every day during their summer camp session.  Their training will enhance fitness, agility, and flexibility and progress your child’s abilities in other sports.  Using positive reinforcement as our main teaching tool, we help children develop self-confidence, goal setting skills, self-discipline and respect for themselves and others in a fun and active learning environment.

Your Child Will Have Weekly Goals to Strive Toward.

Summer camp sessions will be held at Vuong’s Martial Arts Center starting June 21. Campers should pack a lunch with a drink and wear tennis shoes. Current students attending the camp should wear uniform, sneakers and bring sparring equipment.

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Questions – Please E-mail vuongsmartialarts@gmail.com



Student Name__________________________________________________Date of Birth ____________

Parent Name_______________________________________Emergency Phone______________________

Email Address_________________________________Name of School ____________________________

  • Campers must be going into Kindergarten and older.
  • Pack your child’s lunch DAILY, with additional snacks/drinks for Full Day campers.

**A late fee of $2.00 per minute will be assessed for late pick up after 2:00pm for Half Day campers and after 6:00pm for Full Day campers**

Select Summer Camp Sessions:  Pricing Valid through September 3, 2021

o Session 1:       (June 21 – June 25)          o Session 4:       (July 19 – July 23)              o Session 8:       (Aug 16 – Aug 20)

o Session 2:       (June 28 – July 2)             o Session 5:       (July 26 – July 30)              o Session 9:       (Aug 23 – Aug 27)

*NO CAMP*:     (July 5 – July 9)                o Session 6:       (Aug 2 – Aug 6)                o Session 10:    (Aug 30 – Sept 3)  

o Session 3:       (July 12 – July 16)             o Session 7:       (Aug 9 – Aug 13

  • $395 per week for Full Day (7:30am-6pm)

Total Weeks: ____________ Total Amount: ____________________

  • $335 per week for Half Day (9am-2pm)

Total Weeks: ____________ Total Amount: ____________________

  • $215 per day for Full Day (7:30am-6pm)

Total Days: _____________ Total Amount: ____________________

*Tuition is Non-Refundable for Any Reason* _____Initials

Payment due at time of registration

VISA/MC # _______________________________________ Exp. Date _____________ CV# __________

Name on Card___________________________________Signature________________________________

** Camper Health History must be completed before your child can attend camp (back of form) **

Office Use:         Amt. Paid $______________   Pmt. Type ____________   Date _______________

Amt. Paid $______________   Pmt. Type ____________   Date _______________

Camp Activity Schedule

Schedule may vary from day to day

7:30-9:00am            Early Care

9:00-9:10       Prepare for Class

9:10-9:30       Stretch & Exercise

9:30-9:35         Water Break

9:35-10:15      Group Basic Techniques

  • Basic Blocks
  • Basic Punches
  • Basic Kicks

10:15-11:30             Organized Games

11:30-12:00             Partner Drills (Basic Techniques)

11:30-11:35             Water Break

11:35-12:00pm       Group Self-Defense/Bully Busters

  • What Is A Bully?
  • Defense Against Pushing
  • Blocks and Holds
  • Basic Takedown

12:00-1:00                Lunch/Movie

1:00-2:00                  Partner Drills (Self-Defense/Bully Busters/Sparring)

2:00pm                      Pick-Up for Half Day Campers


Field Trips                **Full Day Campers Only**

2:00-2:15                  Prepare for Field Trip

2:45-4:45                  Field Trip Varies Day to Day

4:45-5:00                  Return to School

5:00-6:00                  Organized Games/Pick-up

Field Trips May Include

Swimming, Go Karts, Movie Day at Vuong’s, Moon Bounce


Download the summer camp form here – Summer Camp Registration