This is a brief outline of the requirements to achieve this promotion. A more detailed curriculum is available at our school. All testing candidates are responsible for demonstrating any and all previous material learned. Promotional Belt Exams are cumulative in nature.

· Confidence
· Respect
· Self-Control
· Student Creed
· Notice of Intent to Promote Signature (by Parents & Teachers)

Kicks (First Stripe)

Axe Kick
Out to In Kick
Round House Kick
In To Out Kick
Front Snap Kick
Side Kick

* Sparring gear required after receiving your first stripe

Technical Skills (Second Stripe)

Ready Stance
Walking Stance
Forward Stance
Forward Stance Double Punch
Low Block
Forward Stance Middle Inside Block
Forward Stance High Block
Horse Stance: Middle, Double, & Triple Punch (Hand Motions)
Walking Stance Low Block
Forward Stance Middle Punch
Forward Stance Triple Punch
Middle Inside Block
High Block

Forms (Third and Forth Stripe)

Taegeuk 1 (Back) – Third Stripe
Taegeuk 2 (Back) – Forth Stripe

Sparring (Fifth Stripe)

· Students must have all safety equipment to participate
· Students must be able to defend against, and attack their opponents with controlled and balanced techniques
· Combinations (Executing more than one kick or punch)
· Defense (Blocking and Protecting)


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