This is a brief outline of the requirements to achieve this promotion. A more detailed curriculum is available at our school. All testing candidates are responsible for demonstrating any and all previous material learned. Promotional Belt Exams are cumulative in nature.

· Confidence
· Respect
· Self-Control
· Student Creed
· Notice of Intent to Promote Signature (by Parents & Teachers)

Kicks (First Stripe)

Axe Kick
Out to In Kick
Round House Kick
In To Out Kick
Front Snap Kick
Side Kick

* Sparring gear required after receiving your first stripe

Technical Skills (Second Stripe)

Ready Stance
Horse Stance: Double Punch
Walking Stance
Forward Stance
Low Block
Forward Stance Middle Inside Block
Forward Stance High Block

Horse Stance: Middle Punch

Horse Stance: Triple Punch

Walking Stance Low Block

Forward Stance Single / Double / Triple Punch
Middle Inside Block
High Block

Forms (Third and Forth Stripe)

Taegeuk 1 (Back) – Third Stripe
Taegeuk 2 (Back) – Forth Stripe

Sparring (Fifth Stripe)

· Students must have all safety equipment to participate
· Students must be able to defend against, and attack their opponents with controlled and balanced techniques
· Combinations (Executing more than one kick or punch)
· Defense (Blocking and Protecting)


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