After School Care Crofton, MD | Gambrills, MD | Odenton, MD

Vuong’s Martial Arts is proud to introduce this wonderful opportunity for your family to join our Martial Arts family through our After School Program.

After school care gambrills, MD

It’s the season for after-school program enrollment again! Families are always looking for reasonably priced, high-quality, enriching, Safe, and fun programs for their children that have sports, academics, and other kinds of activites.


These super cool after-school programs will encourage kids to learn and grow, even after the bell rings!


The moral education of children is being increasingly weakened by the violence and crime we hear and see on television, radio and the internet.


Coupled with the busy lifestyles of working moms and dads, the children of our society need structure, respect, discipline as well as positive morals and principles to follow. In today’s world there are more chances that children will learn immoral, unethical, and violent behaviors because of the lack of advice on moral values as well as unsupervised activities.



  • Daily Pick-up from Area Schools
  • Structured Programs including Taekwondo Classes
  • Certified World Taekwondo Federation Masters & Instructors
  • Fully Matted facility and Homework Area
  • Wi-fi Internet Access on computers for homework & projects
  • Helps Improve Grades, Discipline and Respect
  • Build Self-confidence, Proper Etiquette, Teamwork and Morals
  • Camps Available for School Closings
  • Call Today 410-721-4400